Zinda + Partners LLC

THE Marketing Consultancy for LOCAL Business Owners in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

If More People Knew About Your Business, Would You Do More Business?

Think about this:  Logically and statistically, there are hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of people in your market right now who are shopping for the product or service you provide.

The question is:  WHY should anyone BUY from YOU if they don't know WHO you are, WHAT you sell, or HOW to find you?

Maybe it's time to Amplify Your Marketing Message. The Pros at Zinda + Partners LLC (aka ZAP!) will make sure that more people will know about your business so you'll do more business!

Zinda + Partners LLC has a special knack for turning out first-rate, effective communications across today's dominant media platforms:  Television, Radio, Digital, and Mobile.

Would you like a knowledgeable, experienced partner to help you navigate today's media choices, communicate in crystal-clear language, and achieve your business goals? You'll find one at Zinda + Partners LLC ready to help your company succeed whether you're just starting out or poised for growth.

New customers are the lifeblood of your business.  Zinda + Partners LLC can help you connect with new ones and retain current customers with rock-solid, proven marketing counsel. 

ZAP!  1. To move or strike with sudden speed or force.  2. An exclamation used to express swift action or change.  3. A team of world-class marketing experts dedicated to helping your company stand-out in a crowded marketplace.